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Please find below links, which will permit you to explore the website of Daniel H. Erskine, Attorney and Solicitor. Following the links below you will discover additional information about Attorney Erskine's practice, his legal publications, and contact information.

Attorney Erskine operates two offices: one in Mount Vernon, New York (Westchester County) and a second in New Haven, Connecticut (New Haven County). Generally, Attorney Erskine represents individuals and companies in transactional drafting (i.e. writing contracts & other legal documentation) and through representation before trial & appellate courts, arbitration panels, and in mediation.

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An Analysis of the Legality of Television Cameras Broadcasting Juror Deliberations in a Criminal Case

Judgments of The United States Supreme Court and The South African Constitutional Court as a Basis For a Universal Method to Resolve Conflicts between Fundamental Rights

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The Trial of Queen Caroline and the Impeachment of President Clinton Law As A Weapon for Political Reform

The United States-EC Dispute Over Customs Matters Trade Facilitation, Customs Unions, and the Meaning of WTO Obligations

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