U.S. Commercial Service’s International Company Profile

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If your small business needs to vet a potential overseas business partner consider using the U.S. Commercial Service’s International Company Profile service. The International Company Profile provides: A detailed credit report on a prospective overseas sales representative or partner in approximately 15 days or by the date negotiated with the overseas’ office[;]A listing of the […]

Looking for Trade Leads?

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Looking to expand your small business overseas? Take a look at the trade leads gathered by the U.S. government’s Commercial Service located on their trade leads database. www.erskine-law.com Daniel H. Erskine, an international attorney, practices in New York and Connecticut focusing on international law, civil litigation, appeals, and small business transactions. www.erskine-law.com Attorney Advertising; USE […]

Looking to Export?

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One site you might want to take a look at before exporting your goods from the US to a foreign nation is http://www.export.gov/ Explore the site and its information pertaining to Sales and Marketing, Logistics, and Trade Leads. The site may prove useful in giving a small business owner a basic overview of the process […]