Barriers to Digital Trade

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In January 2017 the Congressional Research Service drafted a report entitled Digital Trade and U.S. Trade Policy. The Report (43 pages long) complies information from across various sectors to describe barriers faced by US companies in exploiting and pursuing digital trade opportunities abroad. The report follows on a US Trade Representative Fact Sheet on Key […]

UK Tariff Tool Classify Imports and Exports

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Is your UK small and medium sized business (SME) involved in import or export? If so, check out the UK Trade Tariff tool and accompanying guidance document “Classify imports and exports using the UK Trade Tariff” outlining the use of the tool for your SME’s import or export activities. The guidance document provides basic information […]

Looking to Enter New Top Export Markets

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If your a small business or a medium sized business looking to access new export markets look to the International Trade Administration’s Top Markets Series. The Top Market Series analyzes future export opportunities across various commercial sectors. The Series page links to a number of reports complied by the US government to assist exporters in […]

Need Trade Remedy Assistance?

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If you are a small business seeking or needing “general information on specific U.S. trade laws” and “technical assistance to eligible small entities seeking relief under the trade laws,” then check out the United States International Trade Commission’sTrade Remedy Assistance Office for details on obtaining help with trade-related issues. Daniel H. Erskine, an international […]

What is the National Export Initiative (NEI)?

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If you are looking to discover news and information about the new governmental agenda to reform export administration rules and regulations take a look at the National Export Initiative‚Äôs website. site features a fact sheet that concisely explains the key areas of the reform initiative and how such reforms could impact small business. You […]