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If you are looking for information on foreign countries to export your U.S. small business services or goods to check out the Country Commercial Guide also known as “Doing Business in” guides. “With information contained in the Guides you can learn about market conditions, purchasing power, consumer trends, distribution channels, navigating entry constraints, best sectors, […]

Is Your Business Small?

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Take a look at the Small Business Administration’s regulations to see if your business qualifies in its particular industry classification as a small business. There is also a table for easy reference indicating industry and monetary size for review of whether your company is a small business. Daniel H. Erskine, an international […]

FDA Small Business Assistance

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The FDA assists small business in the areas covered by the agency. Take a look at the FDA’s small business specific website. Daniel H. Erskine, an international attorney, practices in New York and Connecticut focusing on international law, civil litigation, appeals, and small business transactions. Attorney Advertising; USE OR VIEWING OF THIS BLOG […]

Small Business Essentials

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Whether you are starting your business or expanding operations, a great website to explore is the US Small Business Administration (SBA). From guides to logistics to financing, the US SBA website possesses a comprehensive set of descriptive guides to transacting business as a small company. Daniel H. Erskine, an international attorney, practices in New […]