Small Business opportunities and match program with the NRC

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Does your small business operate in the nuclear energy field as a support service or goods supplier? If so take a look at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s small business Annual Small Business Seminar and Matchmaking Event that discusses how to do business with the NRC. Check out the NRC’s page entitled Other Useful Small Business […]

Interested in Small Business Opportunities with the GSA

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If your small business is interested in federal government contracts / procurement take a look at the U.S. General Administration’s one page PDF containing a host of useful links to small business opportunities with the federal government and the GSA. Also, peruse The Office of Small Business Utilization that provides training in federal government contracts […]

Contracting with the U.S. Department of Energy

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If your small business is looking to contract or secure a federal procurement contract from the U.S. Department of Energy, then take a look at the Department of Energy’s Small Businesses: 101 on Doing Business with the Department of Energy site. The site contains information on general federal contracting, contacts within the Department of Energy […]

Looking for Federal Government Contracting Opportunities?

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If you are interested in searching for federal government contracting opportunities, then check out the government’s database of business contract projects. The site includes Recovery and Reinvestment Act opportunities. Try a search of the site by clicking here. Daniel H. Erskine, an international attorney, practices in New York and Connecticut focusing on international law, […]