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Interested in Joining the EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Frameworks?

As a U.S. business who targets EU or Swiss nationals with your products or services, you might consider joining the EU-U.S. and the Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Frameworks (an overview PDF contains key information about the Privacy Shield scheme). Both Frameworks require a self certification. The U.S. government provides a “How to” join the Privacy Shield consisting of two parts: part one deals with eligibility together with constructing a compliant privacy policy (with additional links describe the necessary contents of your company’s privacy policy); and part two covers identification of an Independent Resource Mechanism, required fee payments, placement of an active verification mechanism, designating a contact individual or officer for your business, reviewing your application (paying attention to the items required to self-certify), and submission of your application (check out the PDF guide to online submission). The site also has FAQs about the Privacy Shield Frameworks as well as information on how the Privacy Shield Frameworks are enforced. You may also view the texts and underlying documents of the Privacy Shield Frameworks through the site. Additionally, review the benefits of joining the Privacy Shield Frameworks as described by the U.S. Government. Finally, take a look at the searchable database of companies presently self-certifying under the Privacy Shield Frameworks. The U.S. Department of Commerce through the U.S. International Trade Administration operates the above described website and its contents, so be sure to check the site often for updates. Any determination by your business to join the Privacy Shield Frameworks is the sole responsibility of you and your company undertaken after careful review of all applicable requirements, documents, and regulations.

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