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Whether your business is in need of contracts, regulatory compliance, or representation before a court at the trial or appellate level, Attorney Erskine engages in both representative and transactional advocacy. A transactional advocate or business lawyer negotiates, prepares, and reviews transaction documentation for various contracts or matters involving corporate, commercial, or high technology issues.

Drafted contracts, agreements, and licenses can put a professional feel to your business as well as help to ensure when problems arise that clear concise language governs your transactions. Whether you are hiring a new employee or entering into a multi-million dollar services or sale of goods contract, the assistance of a lawyer helps to identify concerns and interpret terms and conditions.

Attorney Erskine drafts and assists companies with Commercial Agreements, Bid Documentation, Purchase Orders, Sale of Goods Agreements, Service Contracts, Employment Agreements, Contract Review and Markup, Compliance, Software Licensing, and other related matters. In today's global economy, companies can reach a worldwide customer base. Whether you are just beginning your enterprise or looking to grow your business, laws and regulations will face you at each step of your endeavor. Navigating these legal obstacles and complying with the growing myriad of regulatory burdens is eased by the retention of an attorney skilled in the legal matters companies face in transacting globally or just around the corner from your office.

The speed at which current business operates necessitates quick responses to challenging questions. Legal assistance provides companies with additional vital information for decision-makers to utilize in answering these challenging questions.

To meet the varying needs of transacting internationally, clients require straightforward answers to complex legal issues.

Translation of legal jargon into readily accessible and usable information is an essential function served by legal counsel. The lifeblood of business is documents that clearly define the relationships and obligations between the individuals. Attorney Erskine produces coherent documentation to protect client interests.

Having process served on you is never a pleasant experience. Nonetheless, disputes between companies and between a business and its customers occur frequently. A lawyer's assistance during the litigation process or Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) proceeding provides businesses with essential information for vital decision-making during a dispute and facilitates resolution of disagreements.

Individuals may also require representation before a court, administrative tribunal, arbitration panel, or in mediation to resolve a wide range of disputes ranging from business-related to personal injury. Clarity of expression and succinctness in presentation are hallmarks of a litigator. Narrowing the dispute and the issues requiring resolution are the qualities clients expect. Thoughtful presentation and navigation through the morass of litigation are the skills clients demand. In the end, a client needs an attorney possessing eloquence, skill, and courage to litigate a case.

Attorney Erskine counsels individuals and companies faced with litigation, arbitration, mediation, or negotiation to resolve their dispute--whether it be over a breached contract, employment discharge or related issues, tort action, or the like. Attorney Erskine researches applicable laws, interviews witnesses, reviews documents, argues pre-trial motions (summary judgment, dismissal, discovery, & procedural), and advises clients on merits of possible litigation claims.

Still other clients require advocacy at the appellate level to bring final resolution to their dispute. Precision in written submissions to the court and directness in oral argument are the tools clients expect of an appellate litigator. As appellate matters arise as a result of various legal errors, thoroughness and attention to detail are necessary qualities for the appellate lawyer. Attorney Erskine assists clients in appellate matters by writing briefs and providing oral advocacy before appellate courts. Advising clients on appellate strategy for disputing a trial court order or judgment, Attorney Erskine assists clients with appeals.

Attorney Erskine represents individuals, private companies, small businesses, small and medium-sized enterprises, foreign companies, and foreign individuals. He practices in Westchester County, New York out of his Mount Vernon, New York office and in New Haven County, Connecticut out of his New Haven, Connecticut office. Attorney Erskine is admitted to the practice of law in New York and Connecticut as an attorney and in England and Wales as a solicitor.

Ultimately, clients must be confident in their selection of counsel. To that end, Attorney Erskine invites you to explore the biography, publications, and areas of practice pages on this site.

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Attorney Erskine engages in representative and transactional matters for clients. Please review the Practice Areas page for further information. For inquiries about possible representation in specific matters, kindly utilize the Contact page.

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