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Individuals and companies require advice and representation in a variety of situations. From drafting contracts to employment issues to defending against tort claims, a lawyer and solicitor assists clients in effectively resolving disputes and managing liability.
  • Whether requiring a zealous advocate in the courtroom or seeking to memorialize important points of agreement, Attorney Erskine advocates for clients in both representation before courts or alternative dispute resolution forums as well as transactional legal matters (such as drafting complex technology licensing contracts).

  • Admitted to the practice of law in New York & Connecticut as an attorney as well as England and Wales as a solicitor, Attorney Erskine represents clients in New York, Connecticut, & in various foreign countries.

  • Legal disputes arise unexpectedly and often at inopportune times. Assistance of an attorney and solicitor provides clients with pertinent timely information concerning the situation and its effects.

  • Communication of vital information by an attorney and solicitor to clients occurs across a broad spectrum of factual scenarios.

  • Flexibility and responsiveness to ever changing circumstances are necessary legal traits in today's quick paced world. Utilization of an attorney and solicitor facilitates navigation through procedural and administrative labyrinths.

  • Representation permits detachment and logical analysis essential to a matter's determination. Daniel H. Erskine is an Attorney & Solicitor who assists companies and individuals in varous forums, including:
    • Civil Litigation;
    • Arbitration;
    • Mediation;
    • Negotiation;
    • Appellate Advocacy;
    • Administrative Hearings;
    • Med-Arb;
    • Early Neutral Evaluation;
    • Mini-Trials;
    • and other related tribunals.

    The rapid growth of international commercial contract activity permits companies to penetrate foreign markets with greater success; while companies focused on domestic markets may reach customers throughout the country thanks to technology and the internet.

    • To maximize market share and continued commercial growth, business owners and company executives should protect themselves through well drafted commercial contracts, license agreements, requests for proposal, bid responses, and trade secret contracts.

    • Business contracts cover diverse topics and provide companies with the protection necessary to transact globally or in their home state.

    • From simple purchase orders to international distribution agreements, the assistance of a commercial or business attorney permits companies to secure formal agreements governing various substantive business concerns.

    • Memorializing executive employees terms of service, incentive plans, competitive restrictions, and equity plans assists businesses secure top executive talent.

    • Attorney Erskine drafts and assists companies with:
      • Commercial Agreements;
      • Bid Documentation;
      • Purchase Orders;
      • Sale of Goods Agreements;
      • Service Contracts;
      • Employment Contracts;
      • Subsidiary Formation;
      • Contract Review and Markup;
      • Shareholder Agreements;
      • Internal Corporate Policies and Procedures;
      • and other related business matters.

      Protecting companies proprietary software and data through licenses, services, and master framework agreements (to list a few) is within the skills set of a commercial business attorney and solicitor.

      • Whether your business requires cloud computing contracts for companies, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, BaaS, or similar deployment models, a commercial lawyer and solicitor may help.

      • Establishing a distribution network for business technology involves securing agreements between your resellers, marketing agents, equipment suppliers, and logistics companies.

      • Commercializing a company's software, programs, know-how, and similar items occurs through effective licensing and contract measures. Attorney Erskine assists businesses in drafting agreements and licenses in high technology matters, including:
        • Software as a Service;
        • Infrastructure as a Service;
        • Platform as a Service;
        • Traditional Software Licensing;
        • Cyber Security;
        • Data Protection;
        • Development Agreements;
        • Data Licenses;
        • Know-How Licenses;
        • Marketing Contracts;
        • Distribution Agreements;
        • Service Partner Contracts;
        • and other related high technology matters.

      Visit the various pages on this site to learn more about the services of Daniel H. Erskine, an attorney and solicitor who holds a Master of Laws (or LL.M.) in International & Comparative Law, handles business transactions, software contracts, litigates civil actions, and argues appeals. Review this website to learn about the legal training, published works, and focuses of Attorney Erskine, a lawyer licensed in New York, Connecticut, England, and Wales with offices in Mount Vernon, New York (Westchester County) and New Haven, Connecticut (New Haven County).

    • Generally, Attorney Erskine represents:
      • Unites States individuals;
      • United States resident companies;
      • United States business enterprises;
      • United States joint ventures;
      • International joint ventures;
      • English private limited companies;
      • English individuals;
      • United Kingdom resident companies;
      • foreign businesses;
      • and foreign nationals.

      Daniel H. Erskine is a lawyer and solicitor who advises on legal matters concerning:
      • commercial business transactions;
      • commercial law;
      • corporate law;
      • contract law;
      • corporate, limited liability company (LLC), partnership, and joint venture formation;
      • civil and appellate litigation;
      • alternative dispute resolution (negotiation, arbitration, mediation, early neutral evaluation, Med-Arb, mini-trial);
      • software transactions law;
      • and high technology law (data processing, cloud computing, data storage, digital media).

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