Daniel Erskine
Daniel H Erskine: International lawyer, attorney, solicitor, New York, and Connecticut

Daniel H. Erskine, an international attorney, practices in New York and Connecticut focusing on international law, civil litigation, appeals, and business transactions. Attorney Erskine engages in the practice of both representative and transactional law. Admitted to the practice of law in New York & Connecticut as an attorney as well as England and Wales as a solicitor, Attorney Erskine represents clients in New York, Connecticut, & in various foreign countries.

Legal disputes arise unexpectedly and often at inopportune times. Assistance of an attorney and solicitor provides clients with pertinent timely information concerning the situation and its effects. Communication of vital information by an attorney and solicitor to clients occurs across a broad spectrum of factual scenarios. Flexibility and responsiveness to ever changing circumstances are necessary legal traits in today’s quick paced world. Utilization of an attorney and solicitor facilitates navigation through procedural and administrative labyrinths. Representation permits detachment and logical analysis essential to a matter’s determination.

Daniel H. Erskine, an attorney and solicitor who holds a Master of Laws (or LL.M.) in International & Comparative Law, practices international law, handles business transactions, litigates civil actions, and argues appeals. Please examine his website to learn about the legal training, published works, and focuses of Attorney Erskine, a lawyer licensed in New York, Connecticut, England, and Wales with offices in Mount Vernon, New York (Westchester County) and New Haven, Connecticut (New Haven County).

Business Lawyer New York and Connecticut
Serving individuals and companies in the United States and Abroad

Generally, Attorney Erskine represents U.S. individuals, companies, business enterprises, joint ventures, foreign businesses, and foreign nationals. Attorney Erskine drafts and assists companies with Commercial Agreements, Bid Documentation, Purchase Orders, Sale of Goods Agreements, Service Contracts, Employment Agreements, Legal Opinion Letters, Contract Review and Markup, Export Compliance, Technology Licensing, and other related business matters. He is a lawyer and solicitor who advises on legal matters concerning: commercial business transactions; commercial law; employment law’ contract law; corporate and LLC legal formation; civil litigation; tort litigation (personal & business); international commercial law; and international tort law.

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Practice Areas

Business May Compete Around the World

Daniel H Erskine business lawyer solicitor New York
Helping Business and People transact, litigate, and defend their affairs

Today’s technology permits companies to sell goods or provide services throughout the globe. Larger corporations utilize in-house counsel and today small and midsize companies may retain an attorney to provide advice and create those agreements vital to the transaction of international business.

Lawyers representing business need to innovate and respond to challenging concerns and questions.

A business attorney should be creative. Attorney Erskine has delivered papers at both international and domestic academic conferences, which propose new approaches to legal problems such as resolution of conflicts between fundamental rights. He has published law review articles on various subjects addressing domestic, comparative, and international law that seek to positively reform existing legal structures. To view Attorney Erskine’s law review articles click here.

In today’s global economy, companies can reach a worldwide customer base. Whether you are just beginning your enterprise or looking to grow your business, laws and regulations will face you at each step of your endeavor. Navigating these legal obstacles and complying with the growing myriad of regulatory burdens is eased by the retention of an attorney skilled in the legal matters companies face in transacting globally or just around the corner from your office.

Therefore, Attorney Erskine assists in the following:

Establishing Relationships

Fostering Business Connections

Protecting Business Interests

Detailing Expectations

Ensuring Compliance with Law

Drafting Written Contracts

Creating Policies and Procedures

Presenting Compliance Issues

Reviewing Contractual Agreements

Establishing New Subsidiaries

Advising on Acquisitions

Representation in Court

Representation in Arbitration

Drafting Business Agreements

Advising on Employment Law

Drafting Joint Venture Agreements

Ensuring Export Compliance

Foreign Corrupt Practices Policies

Identifying Import Compliance

Drafting Procurement Policies

Drafting Bid Response Documents

As regulatory compliance burdens increase in the present marketplace, legal counsel may assist a company in ensuring compliance with these various regulatory requirements. Policies and procedures may be enacted by your company to manage regulatory compliance issues.

Some issues your business may face related to international transactions are the following:

Export Controls

Customs Issues


Technology Licensing

Subsidiary Formation

Regulatory Compliance

A lawyer and a company form a relationship to help the organization through difficult decisions and trying times. This “partnership” may benefit the company when advice is needed on issues faced by the organization across a variety of situations. Legal counsel provides:






Written Contracts

Policies and Procedures

The lawyer-client relationship results in the sharing of information for the joint purpose of receiving legal advice and providing practical solutions to workplace problems. Whether you are reviewing a request for proposals or deciding to terminate an unproductive employee, the lawyer-client relationship provides guidance on how to complete these transactions in a professional and protective manner. The goal of any relationship between an attorney and client is to ensure observance of the law and professional execution in compliance with regulations.

These general areas encompass a great variety of subjects where an attorney may assist your business.